I haven’t blogged for about two months now. I haven’t been particularly busy, just haven’t had too many interesting things that I felt like I could share. I guess a lot has actually happened this quarter.

I’m finishing my masters degree in about a month. This whole year, I needed to finish just 3 classes, but they were unfortunately only available in the fall, winter, and spring. I should be grateful though, since it gave me the opportunity to stick around for other fun classes and research. Oddly enough, I tend to spend the most time in classes (and research) that will not contribute to my degree. Some highlights from the past quarters:

  • Painted Aperture: This was my final project for a class on Computational Photography. The idea of the project was to combine multiple pictures (or a video stream) to create a single image with faked depth-of-field. I worked on a Nokia N9000 which was kind of cool. Not super proud of the results, but I didn’t think it was bad for the amount of time I put in.
  • tz-pyramid occlusion culling: My second publication with Pat Hanrahan’s research group. I worked with Solomon Boulos on this project and we looked into extending occlusion culling for scenes with motion blur. It was mostly an algorithmic study so we did a lot of counting rather than making measurements. I also got my hands in some of the other projects within Pat’s group which resulted in two acknowledgements. Go me!

I’m finishing a project this quarter doing some more graphics stuff. It’s actually a lot of fun working on projects where I don’t worry about the final grade. I suppose that’s what the rest of my life will be :). Sorry for the super-techy update. I will try to resume my more regular posting schedule.

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