Context Switch

I have one last project to finish before I’m all done with school. I think I’ve been in more than enough effort to make the grade that I need to get, but for some reason, I always try to not embarrass myself too much with these final projects. I’ve been churning away for the past few days. Despite being done with finals, I spent the majority of my time in Gates. Not sure what about Gates makes me so productive. There’s a nice 30 inch monitor and those aluminum Apple keyboards. I think it’s mostly displacing from my room though.

I lost a whole day of work trying to hunt down a bug. I knew the bug wasn’t really going to ruin my results but it was really annoying to not have code that just worked. Late last night, I decided to give up on the bug and just start the writeup. I could easily tailor my results so that I only used scenes where my code didn’t screw up.

Anyhow, while doing the writeup, I found the bug! I think I learned a good lesson today. When you’re stuck coding, start documenting. Trying to explain things in English rather than code sometimes has its benefits.

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